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Frequesntly Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions we receive here at ToyotomiUSA.
If you do not find an answer to your question here, please feel free to use our contact page to ask your question, or call us directly at (203) 775-1909

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How many gallons of hot water per minute will it supply?
A:  With an 80° rise in temperature (40° in, 120°F out), the water heater will supply 3.2 gallons per minute.
What are the lowest and highest temperature settings for the water heater?
A: The lowest setting is 69°F and the highest setting is 155°F.
Can I install the water heater in a chimney?
A: Yes, our water heaters have been ETL and CETL listed for chimney installations. Please consult your local dealer for clearances and installation requirements.
Can I install this water heater in a mobile home?
A: Yes, our water heaters are approved for mobile home use.

Are the heaters ETL and CETL listed?
A: Yes, our heaters have been tested and are ETL and CETL listed.
Can I use additives in the kerosene for my heater?
A: We do not recommend any additives in the kerosene because the additives can change the way the heater burns.
Do I need electricity to operate the heaters?
A: Omni and Double clean models use 2 "C" size batteries and Radiant models use 2 "D" size batteries. The batteries are needed only to light the heater. The heater can also be lit by a match in case batteries are no good.
How long will the heater burn on a full tank of kerosene?
A: Our Omni models will burn for about 12-16 hours, our Radiant models will burn for 16-24 hours and our Double Clean models will burn for 15-23 hours. Burn time will differ depending on the quality of fuel used, room temperature and flame height.
Can I use red dye kerosene in my heater?
A: Yes, you can use dye kerosene, however we recommend using clear 1-K kerosene for assurance of fuel quality. If you use dye kerosene you should dry burn the wick more frequently (see owner's manual in regard to dry burning procedures.)

What does it mean when the display shows "CL--" or "CL" and two numbers?
A:  When the clock is set to the correct time, the heater will automatically go into a 10-minute cleaning mode at 2:00 a.m., after which time the heater will return to normal operation.
How far can I vent the heater?
A: The heater can be vented up to 10 ft. with 3 bends.
What kind of fuels can the heater burn?
A: 1-K Kerosene, Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel - ULSD, Ultra Low Sulfur Heating Oil - ULSHO, or #1 Fuel Oil (only available in some parts of the country)
What happens to the unit after a power failure?
A: Laser 56 / Laser 73 / Laser 60AT:
When the electrical power is restored, the heater will automatically operate and maintain the temperature selected on the sliding bar. However, all clock settings will have to be reset.

A: Laser 30: / OM-22:
All settings will be maintained up to 20 minutes. After 20 minutes all settings will be lost. However, when power is restored, the heater will operate at a temperature of 56°F until settings are restored.
Can I use red dye kerosene in my heater?
A: Yes, you can use dye kerosene.

Does the cabin heater have a thermostat?
A: Yes. The cabin heater can regulate the room temperature from a range of 50°F up to 85°F.
Can I have the cabin heater in a different area from where I want heated?
A: The cabin heater can be vented up to 16 ft. away. The temperature controls can be up to 8 ft. without any accessories. With extension cord, controls can be an additional 26 ft. away.


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